Wednesday, 4 November 2009

flames of karma

I walked and walked
the flames beckoned me
how could I not obey?
when I went right through the parting
I stubbed my toes on the whithered logs
fell headlong into the middle
I became less and less.
when ashes rose out of me.
I could see nothingness
as light passed through me-
karma had made me resplendent
for you, them and the heaven


  1. Only as you become less and less...the brilliance of self speaks loud. Beautiful.

  2. There's a spark in this, a kernel of yearning. Makes me think of my own destiny.

  3. You have made me think today, Gautami. A most precious gift, I assure you.

    My thanks.

  4. Is it just me, or do I hear sitar music? This is beautiful.

  5. Resplendent - now there's a great word, nice use of the prompt, easy to read,

  6. That was beautiful! love the title...

  7. The light of your soul shines through, like a phoenix, in this beautiful poem!

  8. Reminds me of a story where three prisoner's were sentenced to death by hunger. They were allowed to drink one type of drink. On had coffee and burned in weeks, one had wine and decayed in months. But the man, who had tea became a sort of transparent and passed away after a long time. Nice story - like your's.

    Best wishes

  9. Destiny. Flames of Karma is a terrific title.

  10. Flames of karma is intriguing...a great attempt on the prompt.

  11. I like that she stubbed her toes, making it seem so ordinary

  12. This is lovely and metaphorical. Life is so often not what we see on the surface!

  13. What a brilliant concept that came to you, that you walked through and crafted in your one and only brilliant way!
    What comes to me from this is going through life, accumulating learning from it while also being spent by it, until we’re burned up to glowing to ashes to resplendence from the living well of it.
    Master capturer of divine things you are, GT : )

  14. first time it!!