Wednesday, 25 November 2009

ah, those wee hours

I play with my pens
again I read that letter
I wrote to you in gothic script
I know that you won't get it, the irony-
you only understand the obvious
yet I give you benefit of doubt

I get up, pick a book of poetry
randomly read a poem
something hits me hard
I sit down again to write another letter
now in a normal tone
the poet in me guides me

I don't talk of desire or love
I am more mundane-
I send you my heartfelt thanks
for leaving me
to face the untruth
that is you. only you.

"I play with my pens"


  1. Hello Gautami,

    Oof! Nice use of the prompts. Your style is shifting, and I like this style, too.

    The internal shift in the author's mood, and letter styles, and even script styles, is very charming.

    I really enjoy this, Gautami.

    Many thanks.


  2. Another intriguing poem. Enjoyed it.

  3. I always enjoy your poems. I need to stop by here more regularly.

  4. know wat... i cud relate to this so easily...

  5. "I send you my heartfelt thanks
    for leaving me
    to face the untruth
    that is you. only you."

    wow, that's a hard smack! Good job.

  6. Well, thank goodness for the editing process. We would hate for your message to be lost!

  7. This is done so well. I like when you reach like this.

  8. Hi Gautami,

    Guess you didn't feel like eating, huh?! Powerful poem from your pen.

  9. I like the quote and how the poem picks and chooses different ways to tell the story.

  10. I play with my pens

    I love the image and idea of that. You are so gifted with words.

  11. nicely done.
    I like "I play with my pens" (i play with my words, feelings)

  12. Like every week, I am glad you "play with pens", please keep on doing that. It is a middle of the night poem, for sure. I enjoyed the mood you created. Thanks for sharing!=D

  13. Definitely written in the wee small hours!

  14. the untruth
    that is you...

    I've known a few like that. They tell nice stories, but so does a book of fairy tales.

    Nicely done, especially the way you come back to the beginning at the end.

  15. Strong use of the writing as metaphor, poetry, as the telling of truth, against the unstated lies of the other in the poem, the untruth that is that person's essence.

  16. Same wonderful do such a great job describing relationships.
    I especially liked how you were able to completely describe the first letter by only using the word "gothic".

  17. Wow. You even wrote a haiku line... perhaps a prompt for a whole series of poems in "I play with my pens", Gautami... very stirring.

    More than food, food for thought, food for the heart... food for more art.

    Thank you.

  18. What sage said! Wow!

    I love the way you describe the tone of your two letters without giving us an example. And yet so clear.

  19. That's a typical author's experience. Touched by something the pen starts to write. In this case it is about writing a love-poem. Nice work.

    Best wishes

  20. great stuff g... amazing how one's pens sets the mood... which color, which style...

  21. Hi Gautami,

    Indeed a beautiful piece....

    It happens sometimes you wish to write something..but it just doesn't comes out...and even if it does you aren't sure whether the person it is directed to will ever read it...