Thursday, 6 August 2009

chemical analysis of a poet

my dad fed me with physics
mixing it with mathematics
with chemistry thrown in good measure
anatomy was never in the agenda
my tiny hands held the spoon
tuned in the fork which
resonated with my dreams
scientific jargon was my staple diet
sometimes economics thrown in as dessert
somewhere down the line
I was out in the grounds
when I discovered basketball
when I was not doing numericals
I was playing away to glory
or did yoga to tone up my body
literature came along
to stimulate my mind
jumping from school
I graduated in chemistry
masters in same had me up to the necks
teaching mathematics earns me my bread

now I catch words in some semblance
and call myself a neo-poet


  1. I loved the repetition of all the academia, and then the input of what you were actually tuning your fork into your dreams, and then yoga, and now a poet. It sounds like you were the "good kid" listening to what you were "suppose" to be doing, but doing what you really want in the end.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Well done! In the poem and your life!

  3. the movement here works b/c it seems to mirror the narrator's journey: you start with academics, leave it and come back to it.

  4. wonderful insight, Guatami.
    isn't it funny how things turn out?
    I love how your poetry utilizes your scientific mind. So many of your poems have a wonderful mathematical quality, just like this one does.

  5. Wow...This is an interesting journey

  6. So few words such a full life, and it's only just begun.....

  7. and you are...a thought-provoking one without any doubt!

  8. Hello Gautami,

    Good all that early nourishment is now helping to provide yours, but with a world of words in which to escape.

  9. This is very much a chemical analysis through of a life through the lens of poetry. Well done!

  10. The story of Gautami. I love it!

  11. I so enjoyed the rat-a-tat-tat musicality I read in your words that made it have the resonance of fingers on a scientific calculator at times... well done!

    (IT took me FOREVER to get my poem done from this prompt and I ADORED! the prompt itself!)

    THANK YOU for being continually inspiring!

  12. I like

    scientific jargon was my staple diet / sometimes economics thrown in as dessert

    -- those are great lines, and I like the sounds of them, too.

  13. You're one of those who are both tuned to numbers and words. Glorious combination.

  14. Amazing poetry "neo-poet".