Thursday, 2 July 2009

equus asinus asinus

xx by nwolc

smoky mist blows from the greenish sky
giant scorpion falls on the marshy land
its legs pull out a weed,
the wetlands split into two
strange creatures stumble out
with unaccounted limbs,
"equus asinus asinus- homosapeons"
calls out a croaked voice
all exclaim and fall silent
scaly body of that man-animal
scares even the weirdest of those
the sky falls to embrace all
blue scales shine giving out light
"we have a mission, it says,
"to go out and spread our seeds,
make it as much as like us,
with as many permutations
and combinations as possible"
when it turns and spreads its wings,
that donkey-head on a man's torso
along with the fishy fins
doesn't surprise them any more
snaky lions, tigerish tortoises,
wolfish sparrow, turn upwards
walk into all directions
circling in, circling out
but converge under the red mist
shout as loud as they can

"equus asinus asinus, we found a leader in him"


I don't know what direction my thoughts took me but the photo made me write this.


  1. I enjoyed this for its strength it exudes. You've shown that differences can be tolerated and good leaders can be made/ had. At least that's what it represents for me. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  2. This has a wonderful, rather threathening Island of Dr. Moreau quality to it that I really like.

  3. Interesting and complex--you give us a lot to ponder. Is this another style for you?

  4. oh, I love the scientific bent you put on this prompt!

    nice job!

  5. A complex take in it; but it all ties in together;

    Your ability to take anything and turn it into a masterpiece is amazing :)

  6. Great take on the prompt!

  7. Science Fiction poetry is so very cool. And you did a wonderful job. I like how your mind wandered along with the photo.

  8. Your poem really reflects the weirdness of the image. Excellent!

  9. Interesting, interesting. Enjoyable read! Provocative...

  10. Oh, a creation story. I love it. This is a great approach to the prompt -- how you've used what is in the image but have also gone well beyond that image to create your story.

  11. You've opened a pandora's box of hybrids.. snaky lions, tigerish tortoises, wolfish leaves me thinking about other mutant possibilities. Nice work.

  12. Your last lines are brilliant. The amazing punch they deliver.

  13. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm and another much here...well written.....and another nice ending....i really like endings.

  14. One of the best pieces of yours I've read. Creation out of joint. Well done.

  15. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  16. Old Grizz thought it was just a picture of a female Jackalope, common throughout all of western Wyoming and Montana. No big deal.

  17. Wow, very weird, chimeras of all sorts.

  18. Wonderful and very entertaining Gautami

  19. the ending is more than just brilliant!

    Happy SS

    Nostalgic Human

  20. I love the images of "snaky lions, tigerish tortoises,
    wolfish sparrows" Very nice.

  21. This conjured up all kinds of interesting imagery to go along with the photo you posted. Intriquing and maybe just a bit scary!

    The Dating Game

  22. Weird and wonderful!! lol...I thought I was in a fantasy land, and it was a great ride.

  23. hugely creative,
    love all the unique images you have painted with your words.

  24. This is something new from you, or something I've never seen from you before. Rich, complex. You took me to places in my own mind, visualizing the words your wrote. Wow.


  25. And it's good you show your subservience to these photos! Bizarre little parade you've conjured here!

  26. I have that happen sometimes, look at a picture and my mind runs off with an idea. I love where yours ran with this one.