Sunday, 24 May 2009

two sides of the same coin

we all sat around that fire, silently

watching it casting demonic shadows on us
as it burned away the flesh and bones
and he was all but gone

on the other side of the wall
oblivious to our loss and pain
all were in celebratory mood
(a wedding can never be anything less)

unwillingly I lost touch with my reality
lending my ears to laughter and songs
everyone suddenly burst out singing;
forcing my pain to faded away

without seeing them I visualised
the groom and bride dancing
renewing my faith in life's force
dazedly I walked to the other side

bright light encompassed my sight
and I was filled with such delight
in that beautiful star filled night
my loss made joy reach its height

"sorrow would hit me soon enough
again, but let me live a little for now"


Hop on aboard the Poetry Tain
and have you checked carry on tuesday yet?


  1. I love the realization that with and ending, and new beginning is always emanate.

    Beautiful words to travel through.

  2. Every beginning there is an ending and vice versa.
    Wonderful words.

  3. your reminds me of the intensity of feelings around death of a loved one - where I have gone from sadness to joy and back.

  4. The cut and thrust of life here, forever beginning and ending.

  5. Sounds like a short visit to heaven. Remember, no reservations necessary.

  6. Endings, beginnings, beautiful words. Thanks for taking part again.

  7. The contrast between the first and last verses is so dramatic. Great piece Gautami. I hope you enjoy mine.

  8. Wow!!!Brilliant as usual.

  9. The end is another beginning. Good stuff.

  10. Sadness and joy. Wonderful result from the prompt.

  11. Lovely transition from sharp sorrow to joy, all in one brief walk from one side of this poem to the other. Very nice response to this week's Tuesday prompt.

  12. Sometimes the height of joy is only discerned when we compare it to the depth of sorrow. Very nice piece!

  13. I like the two views - joy and sorrow, I don't think you can have one without the other

  14. I like the hope these lines present!

  15. love the volition of walking to the other side, to be greeted by light!