Wednesday, 20 May 2009

For Chris: listen to me....

I write the following for Chris of Snippets From Spaceship Orion, who has had a stroke and is in the ICU. He is still in the woods and he needs all the love and support he can get from us. Please do visit his blog and leave your good vibes for him. No, I have not met him ever but that does make any iota of difference.

My poem is not edited at all and is very rough and raw. And Donn, I send my good vibes for you too..


this I write for you
to come through
to argue
over triviliaties
you better listen to my entreaties
or if you so wish, my pleas
three years or more
you came up to my door
or was it I who was floored?
life cannot take a turn
you gotta return
letting your posts burn
not to ashes
but flashes
maybe about your smartass trash
I say so because I know
you gotta get on the flow
to be ready for a road show

why should you take the easy way out
come on now, we have to catch the fatest trout
get up, get going and better make that turn about


  1. That is wonderful, Gautami. I am sure Chris will be extremely pleased to read it... but of course, he will get all embarrassed.

    Keep the good vibes coming. And the good words...

  2. There is some good substance for a good song in that, Gautami. When you have found a bit of distance, you will work it out successfully, I am sure.

    Best wishes

  3. Very thoughtful of you. God willing everything will be fine.

  4. He'll love it!
    I'll print a copy and bring it to him.
    XX OO

  5. Emotive poetry, 'when the tough get going...' springs to mind.

    Thinking of Chris.

  6. A great poem. Here's hoping he recovers soon.

  7. I like your caring, i'm going to visit him :)

  8. Tami, this is so you. I am blown away by your poetry and ideas. You have, my friend become "one fine poet" I just love your work.

    love, Melanie-bd

  9. Your poem's a prayer..waiting for Chris to turn around.

  10. even unedited and raw you are so very good ...

    best wishes to Chris.

  11. Wonderful heartfelt poem, I'm sure your friend will gain strength from it.

  12. No, I have not met him ever but that does make any iota of difference.

    It wasn't part of your poem, but I loved that sentence.

    Hoping for the best for your friend.

  13. Wonderful way to send hope and prayers for a fellow blogger - Mine join with yours and, yes, I'll visit his blog. Good healing, Chris!

  14. a delightful poem and a great gesture.
    He has to get better soon now...

  15. "Your smartass trash" is great. This is a great expression of motivation.

  16. This is thoughtful of you, Gautami. I'm sure Chris is pleased and I will visit his site.

  17. What is life after all...if not good thoughts and wishes.

  18. Excellent & heartfelt. The raw emotion of care, concern and love for a fellow human being shines through here. Sending prayers to Chris. Peace, JP/deb

  19. Hope all goes fine with your friend...Nice way to help out a friend gautami. Appreciate that.

  20. If it was a tidy poem it wouldn't reveal so much.

  21. Excellent. You are a friend indeed.

  22. You truly are gifted, not only within your writings but far more in the caring of others.........

    Ya not as tough as ya make out ya big softy you!

    I do believe we are seeing a new you.......

  23. You are constantly inspiring on a daily basis. Sending Chris and Granny prayers from around the world.
    Yeah, I know how you feel, in today's world all of us need all the help we can get. LOL :)

  24. I like this kick-in-the-ass poem!

  25. friends are family we choose... you've shown you are, indeed, family to chris.

  26. Prayers for Chris and for you and for his family, for his recovery, for patience with himself, and the ability to give himself time - stroke recovery can be so slow.