Monday, 1 December 2008

I have not been online for the past one week. Two days my server was down. Then the Mumbai attacks happened. That has deeply saddened me. It was more of a war than a terrorist attack. For three days, our lives were on hold and spent in front of the television. It hardly mattered that I live in Delhi. Around 200 lives were lost, inluding our commandos. Has it ended? No. As long India has a soft approach towards terrorists, it is not going to change. The power that are, bicker amongst themselves, putting the blame on each other. Our intelligence failed. Need I say more? My heart is kind of dead.

How do we recover from it? I have no clue....

Writing/Reading does not give me any pleasure any more...

Yes, I thank you all for your love, concern and prayers via comments, emails and smses...


  1. I'm thinking of you. I, too, have been glued to the TV, trying to gleam any and all information.

    What is this world coming to?

  2. There has been extensive coverage of the events here, Gautami. India is in our thoughts, especially those who lost love one to heartless terrorists

  3. As you know, I come from the UK. I have known terrorism on my shores since the early 1970s, with bombings and murders right up to the mid 1990s. A brief reprieve followed, then came the 7/7 London bombings with over 50 dead and 700 injured.
    The next day people immediately returned to the tubes and buses. The one thing that must never be done in the face of terrorism is to give up, change your ways.
    You carry on, regardless, to prove to the terrorists that you WILL NOT CHANGE MY WAY OF LIFE!!!

  4. it hit closer to home this time.

    our country has lost a young female lawyer in the attacks, a promising life snuffed out like that.

  5. Gautami I can capture your agony.Something completely ruthless like this should not be given a second thought. Weed them out. You take care, Gautami.

  6. guatami, if you would like one of us to help out in any way, i am sure we would be happy to. let me know if there’s anything i can do.

    thinking of you…

    btw, i left a similar message at the poetry train site and a suggestion we just post this week in last weeks.

    take care!

  7. The attack saddened me also, I feel that what we all need now is strong democratic government the best way to fight these kinds of people is through the ballot box.
    India is in a strong position to do this being the worlds biggest democracy!

  8. Hi Gautami!

    I too have this blacked out feeling..

    i understand your me books and poetry were the only helplines to life...

    Terrorism cannot be stopped with ever strong means has to be something of a compromise consensus, i feel...

    Bush showed the world how terrorism aggravates with his 'War on Terror'...anyway, those are much complex/debated issues...

    Hope you take a good time off, relax and get back...

    look forward to that :)


  9. My heart is just so heavy with the sadness of the state of our world in general. Too many peaceful people are being destroyed. I ask myself why - but there are no answers.

    You are in my thoughts deeply.

  10. I have not been visiting blogs much recently, but I wanted you to know I thought of you when I heard about the attacks. I knew it would be especially hard on you, you are so concerned and feel so much what others feel. We can't forget it, we can't shove it out of our minds, anymore than we can stop trying to figure out why it keeps repeating in the world so we can stop it.