Saturday, 20 December 2008

all in a days work

i pick my mails from my old home

shocked to see a few of my cheques
with expiry dates. no wonder
i was short on the finances
blaming recession, for my fault
i forgot to send out mails
for change of address
no, my money is not lost
revalidation of the cheques would
take care of all that but certainly not more

alas, i could have spent it cosying up
to you my love but you wait a while
i pick you up and devour you
with relish
from front to back,
not forgetting the middle
i suppose i will spend a winter's day
writing out impersonal letters
to all those stupid companies for

change in my residential address,
sticking stamps on those envelopes

"you do understand, i need the money
to buy out more of you, don't you"


  1. One of the disadvantages of moving. Nice poem.

  2. Why do all the tedious bits of business take up so much precious time...?

    I've got an 'I Heart Your Blog Award' with your name on it over at my blog.

  3. Annoying petty things getting int he way of love...
    Good one.

  4. I like this. Nuances of life spun into a nice poem!

  5. I've moved so many times, and this is always a pain.

  6. O.K., Maybe not the ideal way to spend a winter day, stil better than shoveling snow!
    Thank You for sharing this.

  7. Indeed, why must the feast always wait? Wonderful poem.

  8. How sad, so many mundane things devour the time we could spend with loved ones.

  9. Oh yes, spending time because of such a "necessity" is almost never the first choice!

  10. I like the lines:
    "before i pick you up and devour you\with relish from front to back,".
    It reminds me that we're always telling the dog, that she can't eat the cats because she has no relish!

  11. at least you got your cheques. :)

  12. Nicely done--those little things we must take care of (which includes shoveling snow here!)

  13. I love the last two lines - the painful truth and humor of them. Nice poem.

  14. It's been so long since I moved! And I don't plan to ever do it again. And I'm glad...all the hassle.

  15. dsnake1 took my words..

    Good one, Gautami


  16. the mundane and the divine all rolled up in one day's 'work' Thanks for this reminder to not let the former smother the latter!

    many thanks--lovely as ever!

  17. ah, the things that get in the way of living...
    enjoyed this

  18. Ah the everydayness eats into excitement. Nice work!

  19. I love a poem with ordinary, everyday happenings and a touch of magic and that's just what this poem contains!

  20. As always Guatima you do not fail your readers ... with your fine ways of poetry.

    May the new year make your dreams come true.
    Best Wishes.

  21. nice casual read, felt like a story :)

    how are u Gautami ...missed ya :)

  22. Somehow I think this is about buying your precious books? :)
    Moving can be a hassle until you're settled. Hope that happens soon.

  23. I posted on Poetry train. Your energy is an inspiration!

  24. Not my idea of a fun winter's day, but at least a productive one.

  25. ..A Very Merry Christmas! and thank u for ur poem..

  26. Been there, done that. It isn't pleasant. Not saying this writer is you in first person, but it sure is the pits when things go wrong like that.
    My attitude finally got better, I now like the country song, "Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone!"
    I finally found time to put up a little ditty and now am making a few rounds. My theme is much more pleasant.