Wednesday, 12 November 2008

warming up to you and lot more!


tenderness of your touch
tickles me to insanity
blush spreads evenly
to each of my pores
I quiver deliciously
in the aftermath.

whispering wind
spirals singularly
near my ears, saying
what I can only listen to
with the help of my skin
senstized to yours, like silk


Write On Wednesday

Do you do writing exercises or warm ups? Do you think they could be valuable? Have you found warm up exercises helpful in some other area of your life, e.g. art, music, athletics?

All of us have those moments when we can't write, for one reason or the other. We need some sort of inspiration to continue with our creativity, be it writing, music or anything else. When there is a block of any kind, writing exercises do help. Those make us think and the creative juices do start flowing. At least they do for me. What I post here on my blog is miniscule of what I really write. I do most of the prompts as this way I can interact with others writers and that is one good way of getting inspired. Reading and interacting with other writers also help in the formation of new thoughts.

I have not gone in for warm ups, except perhaps in physical exercises. I have not given it much thought before this. I suppose that too is a good way of making the mind work towards whatever goal we wish for it to achieve.

How do you feel about it? Do you need to be inspired?


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  1. WOW. this is really nice. Lovely flow, great imagery.

  2. skin to skin, like silk: ha cha cha, and oo la la. :-)

  3. your poem looks like a butterfly, and that is so neat for the poem itself suggests a delicate touch...

  4. This is indeed a good poem of love...

  5. love that last stanza! Especialy the listening with the skin. I know you don't write many poems like this but you should!

  6. Gautami, I loved that poem! Very sensual :)

    You're an inspiration to me!

  7. I really really like your 3ww poem. Nice. Really nice. bravo!

  8. Thom G:Thanks! This time the words insisted I write love poetry!

    steve: I know you would!

    richard:Are you singing?!

    annamari: Thanks! Initially I never intended the buttfly bit. It simply forme all by itself.

    sue: Yes, it is!

    linda: I am trying to do just that!

    becca: you inspire me always! Your positive attitude is my inspiration.

    westobich: Thanks!

    lissa: you are so good at writing romantic poetry!

  9. Gautami ~

    I've read your poem several times but didn't comment because there was "something" tickling my mind about it.

    This morning, I look at it and say, "OF COURSE!" This is a poem that someone might write to their muse! So, the poem, and Becca's question about where our inspiration comes from are directly related, perhaps.


  10. delicate and tender..

    love it

  11. OOOHH! Couldn't have said it better! Loved it!

  12. what a wonderful sensual poem!

    as for warming up - absolutely when undertaking physical activities. but in writing i have never practiced anything like that. perhaps i should... might bring my inspiration back

  13. Since it's important to me to keep wriitng, I have worked out a number of exercises that get me started.

  14. ...involving all senses..."..with the help of my skin..."...