Monday, 28 May 2007

Radiant Shadows

No dark thoughts but shadows flickering on the wall from an outside source, after I switched off the lights, prompted this.

Radiant Shadows

flames linger
as darkness grows dim-
into purple night.

fireflies dance
memories of bliss-.
eyes focus
as images fade.

midnight blue outlines
colours of ignominy-
harshly stabbing
the calm night.

ghosts play
in radiant gloom-
shadows get lost
in the drama enacted.

walls thus bereft,
spookily call out
lingering flames,
to wake up again.


  1. Another wonderful poem, that brings all kinds of images to the mind.

    And Gautami, I humbly apology for misspelling your name in my last post.

  2. Fascinating! Reminds me of a recent dream. I was walking in twilight…, to a séance of spiritists or something. Then I was suddenly stopped by a thought: ‘Is this the way to God?’ After some thinking, I turned on my heels and went in the opposite direction…

  3. Powerful words and phrases conjure so many images from so few well chosen, alive words, Gautami.

    I love darkness growing dim, memories of bliss, harshly stabbing...

    And ghosts playing.

    Very thought provoking, G!

  4. Hi Gautami! We both were sitting in the dark today watching forms and color emerge and change! This poem is really good. I especially like "slumbering into purple night" and "ghosts play in radiant gloom". And "shadows get lost in the drama enacted" is very clever and creates a really interesting image.

  5. how appropriate for this stormy evening.
    well done again, gautami.

  6. Elusive shadows seems like ... spirits of darkness and light.

    Superb! :o)

  7. Images may fade...memories may die...but the ghosts remain...


  8. very nice -- wonderful flow of the words.

  9. This is a beauty. Shadows are so power...transient, in-between places. I've written several poems about shadows. They seem to lure us into a place that falls between light and dark. Dreams are buried there, and dance in the shadows.

  10. nice flow, kind of like telling a story.

  11. sage: Thanks!

    borut: You did the right thing!

    within without: Shadows do have some kind of mystery. I am fascinated by those. Thanks!

    clare: I did say, both are poems are different yet similar. Thanks!

  12. polona: hope all is well now!

    trinitystar: Yes, they sure do.

    keshi: True. The ghosts remain!

    andrew: thanks!

    don: You really said it all. Dreams come out of those shadows, playing in our mind.

    ghost: thanks!

  13. so many shadows in our lives
    i like the way you've done this
    thank you

  14. Remarkably penned! My first time here, but I have had a great read around. Shall be back!

  15. Shadows of the shadows of the shadows... Love this!!

  16. Love the descriptions of all the colors. I am enchanted with the idea of ghosts and angels and well, anything spiritual that people have doubts about. This poem is weaved in a unique way and has so much in it to absorb.