Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Never Enough

This is one of my rare love poems. I thought I should kick start the month of May by writing one! I have deliberately left it incomplete. Just the way love is never complete. There is always that craving for more...and more...

Never Enough

indescribable, beyond comprehension-
my mind reaches out in desperation

love gushes, like rains going on for days
my heart attuned to yours in everyway-

warmth of your love encompasses; transcends.
my craving for you has no beginning, no end.

depth of those feelings cannot be fathomed,
this state of being is nothing I have known.

come to me, listen to my heart and mind call;
your presence would soothe my restless soul.

hold so close that you brand yourself on me-
I drown myself in you as in bottomless sea.



  1. wow
    beautifully explored
    i'm on my way
    (sorry - wife confiscated car keys) :)

  2. wow!
    true love is never enough...

  3. Gob smacked!
    Total and complete love!

  4. I applaud the brave. I seldom step foot into the ring of romantic pros as the emotions are so
    how to say it
    For all of the freshness of the feelings of love the penning of said emotions have ben scribed in more ways than there are sands on the beach. And its not so much the concern of originality but that of sincerity. Really tough stuff.
    like the leaving open of the end...

  5. beaman: thanks.

    floots: get duplicate keys.

    polona: That's my interpretation too. Never Enough.

    steve: Isn't it?

    ozymandiaz: That's the reason I seldom venture into writing love poetry. One can't get those right most of the times.

    Open-ended is how I saw it here. Thanks.

    kai: thanks!

  6. Wow - this is Beautiful!

  7. very nice! I need a cold shower now, though. :)

  8. Hey Gautami, I like the pome. It has an otherwise serene, calming effect, but for "my mind reaches out in desperation."

    What do you think? :)

  9. Loved it, especially in its undone state, which as you say is characteristic of love and the journey surrounding it.

  10. You are the complete romantic. :-)

  11. "Just the way love is never complete." : i like what you wrote here, gautami. sincere, and lovely.

  12. Not much on writing love poems either. You're right "Never Enough". Beautiful!!

  13. Thanks for you work, Gautami!
    Have a good day.

  14. I love coming here to get a poetry fix. I wish I was as talented but alas... thanks always...

  15. Thanks Ash, welcome to my blog.

    Keshi: How have you been girl?

    andrew: :) thanks.

    blue athena: Yes, you got that right.

    don: thanks.Love has no end ever...it goes on...

    dsnake1: As I said, yes..thanks

    ish: I never gave it much thought..:D

    pat: I know. Love poetry is not as easy as most think. One of the most difficult forms.

    david: thanks!

    kindness: How have you been?

  16. Powerful prose! I can feel the ship rocking in the love-wrecked sea. I wanna be in love, now! ;)

  17. Very lovely poem indeed Gautami. Will you write a poem about loving to much or feeling too much love, it is scary?

  18. I do believe this poem is complete, for being in love we truly have the illusion that time stands still--and can never come to an end!
    I find the ending very satisfying and as it should be...

  19. i've come back and read this several times--nicely done Gautami

  20. My favorite line "brand yourself to me".

  21. get zapped: thanks. What's stopping you..:D

    ces: I will write one. My perspective.

    firebird: thanks. I felt that way too . On second thoughts I could see the open-ended bit. Hence my intro.

    magiceye: thanks.

    sage: You are always welcome here. I too am veey satuisfied with this poem.

    anon: mine too. Thanks!

  22. Gautami I really, really, really, liked the way you made LOVE impossible to live without.

    It is a far more romantic view than the reality of it simply being our inablility to cope with the explosion of chemical agents that overwhelm our poor little brains as we fight our natural instincts to conform to the stringent rules of engagement that society heaps upon us in an effort to maintain our modern notions of l'amour!

  23. donn: True love does not conform. It is there and how we take it, is our perception.

  24. Wow, Gautami, you truly are going from strength to strength, this poem was absolutely beautiful. I have a weakness for romantic poetry and yours was truly a wonderful read, thank you!