Wednesday, 12 July 2006


It was a black day for India yesterday, July 11, 2006.There were grenade attacks in Srinagar, J&K, five in all. 7 killed, many injured. It happened around 1.30 pm.

In the evening starting 6.25 pm there were series of blasts in the western railway line in Mumbai which lasted for eleven minutes. Eight blasts in all. Local trains, that too first class bogies were targetted. It was that time when most were returning from work. The trains are crowded at that time.The impacts were so great that the bogies were blown off. Blood and gore everywhere. Latest news, 190 dead, 650 injured. The figure can only rise. Many are missing.

Why were innocent people targetted? Those who have nothing to do with policies. Those who only worry for their family.

When is our Govt going to learn? Why do we have such soft policies? Why can't we be hard on terrorists? Why do we let Pakistan have its way? Why do we support pseudo-secularism?What purpose has talks served with Pakistan? We need answers, hard decisions and change in policies.

Why do our politicians need so much security that the common man is left without any? Why does our intelligence has failed time and time again? When will we learn from the past mistakes?

It fills me with deep anguish. I know there are no easy answers but I ask nonetheless......


  1. is so sad to hear your words about these tragedies. I am so sorry.

    It seems the innocent always suffer in nearly all terrorist incidents.

    So much fear and pain in the world driving people to act in anger--lashing out at others.

    May each of us do our small part in this day to bring about peace--in ourselves and then use that inner peace to help others find the same in themselves.


  2. Brutal idiocy.
    How the world's largest democracy has survived has always been a miracle to me. All the centuries of conflict over IDEAS of truth.

    I am outraged that these criminal cowards prey on defenseless civilians. They are puny little monsters who would never have the courage to admit that they are not special agents of the almighty. They are scared little self absorbed sociopathic boys with access to modern instruments of destruction. After all is said and done this horror is all about delusions of grandeur.

  3. Is Cashmere, which I'm sure I spelled wrong, in Pakistan? On the news here they were saying they mainly suspect "Cashmiri seperatists."

    As you say, it's hard to imagine how those who do something like this figure that it can possibly help their cause.

    I was impressed with what I heard of the resilience of the residents - they sound determined not to let this make the city skip a beat...

  4. My condolences from Canada.

    We have recently experienced the shock "of discovering" that it is also possible here...

  5. With the deepest respect for your feelings, Gautami, if this is about people breaking away in search of their own independence...why not let them go?

    The friction between Pakistan and India is a concern to us all...

  6. this problem will persist. kind of created by our own leaders at the time of independence with no foresight.

    brutallly killing is very painful.

    our country has a soft stand.non-violence! dialogues are not going to work. offensive is the only way out. bomb the terrorist training camps. thats should be done as soon as possible.

    and within without...before you comment like that please go thru the history of my country...

    thats part of india occupied by pakistan. not the other way round. btw, even pakistan was part of india which the british separated before leaving...