Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Dehkenge Kabhi??

Bush-Saddam ki gahari dost
Mukesh ka Anil se gale milna
Olympics mein Bharat ko Football mein medal
Sachin ki century bahut dino se
Salmaan-Aishwarya mein patch up
Mallika Sehrawat ko poore dhake huye
Dekhenge Kabhi???
Sania Mirza ka Wimbledon mein jeetna
Shayad………………………dekhenge kabhi!!

1 comment:

  1. oy!

    Aishwarya is mine, mine, MINE!


    Finally made it over to your blog. Still not sober so I can't promise I'll add it to my blogroll (the plethora of services on the net precludes any coherent behaviour anyway)

    And yes, I can type and speak perfectly lucidly while battling pink spiders.