Sunday, 6 October 2013

erase that wall

image by crilleb50
what secret do the clocks hide-
last I looked they blinked at me
such clever gesture on their part
I want to look at the stars 
but I look down hiding my face
where will I nest in my twilight years
time does not let me know
hour hand of one of the clocks has swept away the cobwebs

I am now a basket case
my flesh ripe for picking
think what you may
I cannot leave the cliches to chance
don't let it be said
I saw all and never conquered

"the weeds will die under my walking stick
I would be left here, my bio carved in stone"


  1. Haunting poem. I think a lot of us ask, "where will I nest in my twilight years?"

  2. I definitely relate to twilight years are nigh and I am still asking that question!

  3. I really relate to this beautiful haunting poem!

  4. I am in my twilight years, no doubt. I have found a basement.

  5. Better perhaps to say "I saw all but did no harm". When I look back on life I hope my ticks of approval outweigh my crosses. Don't worry about the weeds they are resilient. Perhaps your walking stick will prod us into understanding

  6. a basket case???? I think not my friend! You will survive!!!

  7. I wonder myself. But let's celebrate this poem which starts with so much life event the clocks are flirting, blinking, obscuring what time is.

  8. Thought provoking ... very nice.

  9. Well conceived and well worth thinking about.


  10. Never leave the cliches to that...

  11. I love this, your use of language is brilliant and fantastical

  12. Reminds me of Simone De Beauvoirs book, " all men are mortal "- Thanks Gautami

  13. Where will I nest in my twilight years - that question crosses my mind now and then. If I ponder too long it gets to scary. thought provoking poem.

  14. I saw all and never conquered…

    A reminder how mortal we are...

  15. Precise language and beautifully written. Enjoyed it very much.