Sunday, 25 August 2013

cries inside the mind

photo by Steven Kelly 
enough explanations she heard from us
now she is going south
she will take the train,
feeling the gusting wind on her face
no, we cannot help her pick up the pieces
she needs to do it alone,
to stop the cries inside her head
filters do not work in there
be as bitter as one wishes to be
although we got no reason for that
she needs to tame the fierce emotions
to keep out the despair

"pieces of torn pages with her notes
will no longer hold her
she needs the solitary person within her to hold her hand
she needs her, only her to heal. 
to heal"


This came out of deep pain. Women are not respected in my country. Every day in Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore, someone is gang raped. Yes, you read that right. Gang raped. Yet she survives. Because there is no other option. Our laws are very lax. Most rapist go scot free. The irony is, this is my country and I cannot leave it....

I have not used strong brutalized words here. Already there is enough brutality....


  1. "she needs to do it alone,
    to stop the cries inside her head" - this is the universal truth..
    and as for what's going on in india.. i can't believe it, we hear about it, but still..chop off their heads.

  2. A strong and necessary write, given the increasing instances we hear on the news. Very well expressed.

  3. this is beautiful! i hope you will consider submitting a poem to Pilgrims (

  4. This is a very powerful poem and commentary and it does make what one hears on the news very real.

  5. very powerful poem, spread the word...

  6. Even in countries where men and women are supposedly treated as equal under the law it is the bestiality of man that still wins through. Sadly it will be long battle to eradicate it. Keep shouting.

  7. Shout your message loudly...

  8. Beautifully expressed!

    Gautami, I hope you are doing well.

  9. No need for strong words here. Your message came across through your passion and pain.

  10. It strikes me. I am about as far from a rapist a man can be and yet I know. It sickens me to know. It saddens me that I have to know. It saddens me that you know.

  11. It's terrible. Maybe castration will help.

  12. It's appalling what can and does so often happen to women. It was good to see so many young men demonstrating in India to support women.
    Yet the victims must live with the memories and the damage done to them.
    Well expressed - often less is more in the written word.

  13. A powerful write....that needs to be shared and read by many...thank you for sharing Gautami!

  14. This is so painful to read, Mohana. I can't image the lack of respect, or the strength it takes to silence those voices. Wow.

  15. Well written. Made my heart ache :)

  16. Yes, it's a crying shame Gautami but monsters and sick freaks like them are there across the globe, only thing is perhaps in our country they are not dealt with the right punishment that they deserve and worse in time and thus they have indeed become more and more daring in these heinous crimes against women. I am a mother of two lovely girls and i don't consider kids parks safe anymore for them unless escorted.

  17. A poem with a strong message..

  18. Such an emotive and powerful poem. A reality that should never, ever be realised, by anyone. It's just so horrific that this is allowed to happen and that the brutes that commit these crimes walk free, to do it again & again. My heart goes out to all those affected by such brutality!

  19. If the power of this poem can move the hearts of those causing this pain, you will have built a new country.
    My heart aches, reading this. It is beautifully written.