Sunday, 19 May 2013

gravity rolls around defying physics

Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth 
in the bleak darkness dandelions seem so nebulous
the clouds hover to take away the light
such a vision for someone who is watching from up above

opaque sun is blazing over that mindless thought
lighthouse is not cut out for cheery vegetation
such a perfect timing for the ship to approach

particles hover only to crush the spirit
torch is useless to dig out the weeds underneath the slab
why do I waste my breath over it all?

random flow of the matter within the mind
may not be popular with the crowd
but the lined cloud's moves make it up for a wonderful visual

"open the windows, let the gravity move in"


  1. Mankind makes such hard work of making his surroundings beautiful whilst nature seems to do it so effortlessly. We will know the secret one day when we have learned our lesson. This piece was so thought provoking that I let my mind play on the word "gravity"!

  2. So lovely to have found your weblog again after a couple of years when it slipped off my radar. I see you are still writing great poetry :-)

  3. "... lined cloud's moves make it up for a wonderful visual" ~ tells me not to miss the smallest rainbow which crowns the clouds, to catch it before it fades away!!

  4. Thoughts of despair made beautiful.

  5. I like the dandelion's approach.

  6. Such a clever and enigmatic title which carries through the poem like an other worldliness..gentle and yet powerful impact..

  7. Always thought provoking and a bit profound, like Old Egg, you've got me thinking of gravity in different lights and moments. Your words are married well to the image. Fantastic write,


  8. Your poem made me ponder the mind.
    How are thoughts can define or release us.

  9. I enjoyed the reflection and awareness in this poem. Stunning!

  10. Thus has the feel of an edgy quantum reality tunnel to me, Gautami, i like !

  11. but the lined cloud's
    moves make it up for
    a wonderful visual

    The last line is profound. The lazy cloud movement can be captivating and can hold out on its own! Nicely Gautami!


  12. Really enjoyed this reflective poem.

  13. Beautiful! This is using the wordle? I had glanced at it. I'm enthralled with your writing.

  14. Gautami, this is dark and well written. I see many others have written in bleakness as well.


  15. Strong, bleak... why do I waste my breath over it all? love this write.

    Beyond Safe Harbor

  16. Always enjoy your posts Gautami. I relate to the thoughts rolling around in my head like clouds. Hard to catch up to them sometimes.

  17. ..oh, please... please do... loved your take.. smiles...

  18. A clever interpretation of the prompt. We are plagued with dandelions just now, but we leave them for the bees.

    Your word verification is virtually unreadable - this is my fifth attempt. If you were on Wordpress, Askimet catches all the spam, no need for word verification!

  19. Your writing voice has become sooo
    good I really did enjoy reading here. Really good!

  20. God is love!

    Catholic blogwalking