Sunday, 11 November 2012


Verdun, 1917 by Felix Vallotton
lights jumped all around her
the pain was excruciating
narrow beams struggled to grow wider
she wished to taste the sky
but was nailed to the earth
she felt as if sleeping on mud
all squishy and mishy mashy
diffused into the lights
her mind was fused to her heart
body refused to follow either
blackest of black clouds blanket her

"she will escape before that arrow of light pierces into her"


I have Central serous retinopathy in my left eye....which is fluid leakage under the retina....that means I have blurred vision for now....

It will clear up with time....I have been told to reduce my stress. I had taken leave from work and right now I just trying to relax doing nothing. Not much of reading, watching TV or even use my laptop.....It has been more than a month now....


  1. love the line...about wishing to taste the sky but being nailed to the earth.....guess that's how you are feeling just now..hope you are better soon...x

  2. Take care ..... your poem is lovely.

  3. Such luminous writing..wonderful sound and is good to see you back..wishing you a good recovery..Jae

  4. wonderful imagery- so sorry to hear about your eye- I hope al goes well and your sight is back to perfect soon!

  5. She wished to taste the sky...I love that...

  6. What an emotive and descriptive poem to parallel your frustration at being slowed down with the misbehaving eye. Hope a silver lining in the clouds appears soon.

  7. Lovely! I am in awe of the images and emotion you create in so few words.

  8. Love all the assonance and consoance in this poem! Darn! Hope your condition improves soon. Eyesight is so important.

  9. Sorry to hear about your eye...I enjoyed your poem


  10. Gautami,

    Hope and pray that you get well soon. May God be kind to you.

    Take care

  11. My kinda gal!

    Love squishy, mishy mashy!

    Rest well.....♥

  12. "Mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood."
    Anyone remember Flanders and Swann?

  13. Beautiful words.

    Get well soon.


  14. You have quite the struggle going on now. I hope you are well soon.

    Your poem is good. It made me think you were struggling with migrane headaches.

  15. What an amazing poem and lovely art. I hope you get well soon so we can enjoy more of your work.

  16. Hope your vision clears soon and sorry to hear you are stressed.

    Take care.

    Anna :o]

  17. Nice verse. So sorry to read about your vision. I will keep that in prayer.

  18. Oh no! I hope your vision is on the mend.

    It's so stressful sometimes trying NOT to be stressed and rest!

    I love your luminous writing. Maybe you could dictate things into your phone while you're mending?

    'Taste the sky' is powerful imagery.

    Sending you a gentle hug and a prayer of healing!