Thursday, 23 August 2012

Meditating for being one with you

Meditation on the Harp by Salvador Dali

you give me all of yourself,
trusting me enough to bare it all.
your vulnerability was always
known to me somehow,
even without your saying so.

you open yourself to me,
a very big responsibility for me
to care, to nurture, to keep you safe
within me. the same way
you keep me safe within you.

you complete me;
fulfilling that part, the vacuum.
I was in a slumber,
you woke me up
with you I am sincere to myself.

the great master
painted us the way we are
in the recesses of our minds;
the harp playing for us
for eternity….

"yellowed clouds are amused
while you excite me, I excite you back"


  1. The perspective in this piece is very interesting..watching and watched..very carefully crafted words..jae

  2. I was in a slumber,
    you woke me up

    I liked that. And the last verse was beautiful.

  3. Very interesting intellectually, but if I let go of all logic, it is also moving as one part to another locates the harp, the audience, the mutual excitement! Very neat.

  4. Beautiful both the picture and the way you describe it.

  5. A lovely interpretation of the painting......and could be of a relationship as well. Well done!

  6. This is a most sympathetic interpretation of this Dali work.
    You have painted a wonderful image with your words.


  7. Gautami, would you please email me at ? I cant find an email for you. Thanks, kiddo!

  8. I love how you illuminated the relationship shown in the painting.
    I love how you made the imagery dance! Beautiful :D

  9. Vulnerability and giving seem to be the themes here. It is as though in finding and loving each other they feel driven by greater forces and thus submit willingly but without fully understanding, much like the first humans in the world. Beautiful and thought provoking.

  10. Gautami,

    Read 2 poems now. Both make impact on mind.

    Take care

  11. Sensuously revealing and wanting to give way to each other. The way forward is positive. Nicely written Gautami!


  12. I'm wishing I could see the picture. Not sure why my computer won't pull it up.

    You get the melding of hearts across really well.

  13. As love should be.. equal and unconditional. Lovely!

  14. a beautiful poem ..I liked returning here Gautami... haven't been able to move in web space much...but would want to be regular..


  15. I caught it too...

    as ever, there is great passion in your work

  16. Your poetry is always so unique and i love how well this goes with the picture.

  17. I like this--true love involves vulnerability. Beautifully done.

  18. "to keep you safe
    within me"...
    "you keep me safe within you."

    I love this. Reminds me of Cummings' "I carry your heart in my heart."

  19. I love this poem. It shows great spiritual beauty and much love.

  20. beautiful. to be awoken from a slumber by someone who helps fill the void sounds quite blissful. I like the way you speak about the responsibility now felt with this sharing of hearts.