Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 Expressionism: View of Toledo by El Greco (1541-1614)

candles flicker
I hear a jingling sound,
and cower under the shadows of that tower
why, you ask?
I shake my head at the clouds
dark, ominous, intimidating
the tower seems harmless
I slowly climb to top
the city unfolds
(error in my judgement about the tower)
I now know my mistake.
with half a smile
I watch two bears fighting in the clouds
the trees sway in the drama
their laughter reaching the sky
tower stands tall vindicated,
and enfolds me in its embracing warmth

"when do I realize that
I have been totally fenced?"


 This painting is from 1596-1600. Yet seems very modern, as if from the present period. El Greco must have been a visionary.....

Thanks Poetry Jam, for making me explore various forms pf arts...


  1. beautiful imagery of being trapped.

  2. I get such a warm feeling when I read your words. Beautiful.

  3. Your verse serves as a clear and vivid descriptor of the painting of olde.

  4. What seems ominous is often not.

  5. I always liked this quite ominous painting of the hillside city by El Greco. His work does seem quite modern. Glad your character found warmth!

  6. I love the message in this poem. Fear not scaling intimidating heights for when you do, you will witness the most breathtaking views of your life. Food for thought for all of us.

  7. Ahhh... escaping to our own prison! Very artfully woven in this and your prose does the picture proud! :)
    Very, very nice write.
    Your captcha thing is soooooo difficult to understand!

  8. Nice images you drew here ~ Lovely share ~

  9. "the tower seems harmless" Ahh...famous last words. It's always that which seems harmless that strikes hardest. Very nice.

  10. you create really beautiful imagery with your words.
    new follower to your poetry blog!

  11. I want to say don't go, turn around! Then the pay off is so wonderful.

  12. You saw so many wonderful elements in this painting ... so nice!!

  13. ha i like that you see two bears fighting in the clouds...i love finding stuff in the clouds...really nice...though i am not sure i want to be fenced in...smiles.

  14. This is a very intriguing poem with a nice twist at the end. A parodox, the protagonist being fenced in, yet embraced by warmth. You describe the conflicting emotions so well :)

  15. i love this painting by el Greco and you have written a very different slant on it ...thankyou

  16. I really like this piece as well as the painting! Nothing is what it seems and discovering that you are totally fenced is interesting!

  17. i love the idea of the tower....

  18. wonderful and frightening ~ the perfect poem for this painting! LOVE it!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!

    my heart's love songs

  19. Wonderful interpretation of the painting. Love the two bears fighting in the clouds and the realization, at the end, that one has been fenced in........

  20. You are as free as your will even when cornered in. I hope that the third eye stays open.

    Thanks for visiting my way!

  21. Gautami I forgot just how much I love your writing, I'll be back

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