Sunday, 29 April 2012

words of music glued to me

I am wearing the words of music
notes reverberate in my mind
screen doors watch silently
I throw the wilted flowers
on the earthy ground
someone will come and pick up those
scents of elusive nostalgia will assail him
giving rise to a storm.
that storm which you left behind
along with that felted quilt
I lie on it once in a whilebut it has no warmth
you took that with you
leaving the notes of music
wrapped in my body for eternity


  1. I like a lot of this, some very effective lines; assailed by scents, quilts that give not warmth... very nice.

  2. Oh, the sad words of loss when all the hopes of love are shattered as if by a storm. The warmth of the others presence...yes that is sorely missed. I really liked this piece.

  3. Wonderful writing as ever, my friend!!


  4. Such a fantastic title..I could hear the the words..Jae

  5. Enjoyed it...wonderful writing...

  6. Perfection! Your stanzas are threaded together so beautifully that it tells a story.

  7. Lovely images, Gautami. You've chosen some incredible metaphors for this. Nice to see you here.

  8. Wonderful poem. And I say that as someone who worked as an oboist for years.

  9. Lovely a bit sad. your creativity t is great.

  10. Wearing music... and the song is sad, I take it. Love the imagery of the quilt no longer exuding warmth...

  11. These are the lines that resonated most for me:
    "I am wearing the words of music"
    "screen doors watch silently"

    I got lost a bit in the poem, though, and wonder how it would read with stanza breaks.

    Good work. Keep writing.

  12. Gautami,

    Welcome back. Both poems show a lot of emotion, particularly in this one which shows how one feels on being betrayed.

    Take care

    PS : You may click on my name for my profile and then navigate to my blogs.

  13. I can feel the grief here. Your words speak to us clearly.