Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Review in Verse: A House of Bottles by Robin Merrill

this might not sit well
for the ambitious people who dwell-
yet the ugly too is incredible
life's journey in a realistic portrayal

~Review in verse

Title: A House of Bottles
Author: Robin Merrill
ISBN: 9781615394494
Publisher: Moon Pie Press/2009
Pages: 29

It is a very short poetry book. That doesn't lessen that impact of the poems. The poems take us into various journeys, some real, some inside the mind. Playful too and with a such a depth that can't be fathomed. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. She openly shows the wounds, and healing process too. The beauty of the poems comes from the realist way of portrayal. The troubling life of the people all over the world. It might have been written for American way of life but has universal appeal.

The vulnerabilty of the poetry touches us. The creativity of the poet surprises us. A collage of life depicted in poetry. With a such a range of feelings.

Here I share a poem, Hangman's Tree (page 10):

Not in the middle of the field
like on a stage
but on the edge
like a half-kept secret

One man dead a tragedy
Two in the same tree is folly.
What is three?
The third man

half-drunk early morning
trembled as he flung the rope
over the second-lowest branch
He had no second thoughts.

His last words,
curse this town of Manistee.
His last prayer,
someone cut down the tree.


  1. good stuff, both your original and the shared poem. Nice review, too.


  2. Thanks for the informative review. And sneaky way of using the words! (I like that...)

  3. "the ugly too is incredible..." I like that line.

    There is a bottle house in Rhyolite, Nevada, an old mining town not far from Death Valley.

  4. A distinctive way to do a book review! Thanks for sharing the author's poem, as well. Fascinating.

  5. review, poem, shared bits... all provide a good read.

  6. oh G. your stuff is so amazing, you need to jump on our other sites..carryontues, sundayscribblings, sixsentences, one minute so little time...

  7. Thought provoking and a book I would enjoy. Thanks Tami.

  8. Clever how you sandwiched your review between poems! Realistic portrayal of life's ugliness can have a beauty of its own.

  9. Interesting introduction and nice work.

  10. I like your poem, the one from the book is intriguing and fully contain emotions that stirs one's mind

  11. I enjoyed the sentiment you expressed utilizing the prompt words. True and well-written.

  12. The way you used the words,as well as the poem you put.
    Both were enjoyable.
    Mahatma and me

  13. Thank you so much Tripathy. I am honored.