Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Don't talk about it, just do it


Why is it that we always dwell on the darkest side? It is easy to say Humanity has lost forever. Do we ever ask ourselves, why? And have we ever done anything to find it again? How many of us stop by and talk to a child who is poor and is working for his/her upkeep? Do we ever pat him/her on his/her head. I am afraid not. Most of us would think of getting dirty than doing that. Saying that, I ache for him/her is not enough. Make a difference by educating him/her. Start at the grassroot level. Believe me, a person does not suffer from poverty as much as he/she suffers from lack of education. Yes, these are related to some extent. We can give them dignity by the way of education. Only with knowlege, poverty disintegrates. I should know. Because I teach the so called under-privileged children...girls. And I care.

Most of us do. Believe it or not. We just don't say it.

PS: I had written a poem. But this wrote itself. Why? Check it out at 3WW.

Write On Wednesday

Do you make time to write everyday? Don’t you think everybody should?

In a short answer, yes I do. Even when I am on a holiday, I make it a point to write all that I observe and also about things I feel. When I think I can't write for whatsover reason, I compel myself to do it by resorting to write book reviews. That gives me sense of purpose and direction. And my writing does not stop. However, I have had phases of vacuum, when I can't do anything, let alone write. Thankfully, it is not frequent.

I do think everyone should write, even those who think they can't. Once they see the pleasure of their words, they will continue with it. I also know that not all feel the same way we do. Each one of us is unique and is talented in one way or the other. My advice for them is to strive and excel in whatever they do. It does not have to be writing.


  1. I like your 3WW--good advice and let's all get our hands dirty helping, for its the only way to cleanse our hearts.

  2. ((((Gautami))))

    You know I have the greatest respect and admiration for all that you do. You do make a difference my sistah in so many people's lives. That is a true calling and one you do so well.



  3. I am glad you participated - and my heart is warmed by what you wrote. Let's all get our hands dirty and make a difference in this world.

  4. I believe in what you said, and I try also to help where I can, but it is hard for some people to get past getting their own hands dirty. Thank goodness for people like you, thank you for all you do and what you wrote today.

  5. I concur, Education is the only thing that can save our species from a self inflicted extinction level event.

    Here in the Colonies we do not have impoverished, uneducated, children working to survive, they are too busy having children of their own which the Government pays for at the taxpayer's expense.

    I do not write every day because it interferes with my spare time..
    which is otherwise dedicated to taking down The MAN.

  6. There are many that care...and show it.
    I leaned a lot from "Born ito Brothels", and there are initiatives such "one laptop per child". Education will make them self suficient and that is the most important gift . thanks for this post

  7. well, to many people writing doesn't come naturally so i think it's pointless to try and make everybody write. but they may have other talents which they should nurture, as you say :)

    and i agree, education matters

  8. in the US there is a bumper sticker that says, "The Poor have Suffered Enough."

  9. children everywhere need to be quote that trite saying, they are the future.

    education raises all of us to equal levels... nicely put.

  10. Education does matter. One would not make it very far in life if the person is unschooled. Say for example, some of my incoming freshmen, they're from fairly well-to-do families judging from the expensive laptops they lug around. But you wonder why they cannot even write an essay with organized thoughts and plausible arguments. What has gone wrong in the basic education? One thing I know for sure they're not under-privileged, in fact they are more privileged than they should be.

  11. Oh, Gautami this is a wonderful post. I agree we should get our hands dirty once in a while. My mom and dad adopted a child of poorer roots and gave her an education, a better way to live her life. It paid off because she's doing well in life, now. I think there are people who care they just deliver their message a bit differently.

    As for writing, I am in the process of trying to write a bit more myself, again. I hate when I can't write. It makes me feel bad.

    Nice post. Have a nice day.

  12. Very well said. People think it takes lots of money to help others, when sometimes just a kind word or a little help is all that's needed.

  13. It is - it is up to each of us to become the world we want! Good job!

  14. I teach too and I think your post on being pro-active was great - however, all of us should be supported to dream, write, be, move, act and ponder our humanity because sometimes thats what it takes to be moved to action - the lotus arises from the deep dark muck on the bottom of the swamp floor.

  15. It's not the big things that make a difference but the small, every day gestures.

    Great write!

  16. I agree! The good thing about education is that it cannot be taken away from you. Lack of education and poverty must be linked. For some people it is painful to write, different parts of the brain do different things but they will be very clever in other ways. I feel there is a link with poverty and the ability to farm the land, If a person can grow their own food they have a chance to pull them self out of poverty. In some countries there is more farmers than land to farm but in others there is lots of farm land and no farmers and the people starve, It is madness.

    This is a very good post well done!

  17. well said! I totally agree, education is a foundation from which we can raise ourselves to greater heights.

  18. edu ma cake shone is a good fing!

    da pend ding on wot ya ed u mar kay ting a bout........

  19. Hello, Gautami,

    I enjoyed your entry - strive and excel are the words that I noted, but I was comforted to see that I am not the only one who sometimes experiences the "vacuum"!