Saturday, 26 July 2008

weed it out-----half a poem

Photo Credits: Rick Mobbs

in the skeletons of my memories
only dry bones are left
yet I remember the putrid flesh
smell of death sits there
face to face with me
I howl rather loudly
as if my innards pour out

"is it not what dogs do?"

numbness setting within
how do I differentiate
between real from the illusion
I have lived too long
in a world of my own
cosseted and loved only by me
where I brushed aside the weeds

"I still get on with my howling."

It feels good to get back into poetry mode, although a dark one. Hopefully my world should right itself in no time. I suppose I am still a long way from finding myself. Maybe never.


  1. Yes yes yes..guilty.
    We all spend our lives in our heads and mistake it for reality.
    If there was a universal cosmology the trains would run on time and we would be bored silly.

    I for one will continue to "get on with my howling"

  2. donnnnn: You with your so called acerbic charm cheer me no end. You know, it shines through, that you are besotted with me!


  3. Back in groove and dark as ever. Love you sistah and I'm besotted as well. ;)

    I'll be howling right along with you.



  4. this is wonderful. I can really relate to it; a world of ones own - and sometimes coming out of it is much easier said then done.

  5. Love the dark, howling image. I think immediately of a dog/wolf howling in the stillness of the night! That lonely kind of howl knowing no one is listening but you!

    Beautiful poem!

  6. Our minds aren't always the best places to be. I guess that's why we have poetry-so we can do our howling on the page-or if you prefer-the blog!
    Best Wishes.

  7. I certainly relate to this. I suspect there is a universal truth to this darkness. Thanks.

  8. Dogs do and people do too when the abstract is removed and the inner unfocused realities confuse. I love pondering over your lines.

  9. I too know what it is to live in my interior world. I often forgot what light awaits outside. Thanks for this contribution this week.

  10. is the subject of death and inner aches always dark? maybe but then again your writings provokes new thinking, glad you're still writing

  11. ..poetry or painting are processes that seek to understand the beautifully sublime and the macabre ugly~realities-of existence_
    and objectively bring forward the universal spiritual truths of life. perhaps these lines address the
    prompt in a manner that reveals 'what is poetry for'..many thanks for sharing..

  12. "in the skeletons of my memories
    only dry bones are left"... I especially love these lines. Coupled with the next two, they describe a paradox I also live with... Your howling speaks to the human condition for many of us. Keep it coming. I love the graphic that you posted with this. It fits perfectly.

  13. I love the dark howl present in this poem and the look at death. It reminded me of a poem I have rewritten several times and still haven't finished that speaks of finding a whale dead.

  14. gautami,
    you have stopped my in my tracks with the first stanza. i'm going back in again.

  15. And sometimes, in my work, I feel that all I do is howl.

    But there is a time to howl.

    I liked this.


  16. Gautami, yes dark but beautiful! You've gotten into the dog's emotions and thoughts... :)

  17. A little macabre but a very strong piece.

  18. well, suppose you should do what you feel comfortable doing. and this dark poetry seems to suit you very well (in other words, love it)

  19. Kathiespoettree28 July 2008 at 10:31

    Very visceral. It strikes at the core of my being.

  20. it is good to see you writing... i love the most the rawness of your words that howl outloud and bring us into your world.. overgrown and alive that speak of emotions we can all relate to..

  21. Sorry, my link didn't work and it won't let me delete the comment and start over again, so here goes,
    Thanks for your poem. It is very viceral. I like the howling dog image.

  22. The uncomfortable irony is being in our own heads, yes. Whew, I'll have to consider this one awhile.

  23. It's a dark poem for a cheerful picture, but one that expresses a lot of the darkness that you mention you have been going through.

    Hope you come out of that darkness soon - sometimes howling is the only thing that really helps!

  24. This sure gives a new meaning to howling! I like it a lot.

  25. Beautiful poetry! Howling is good, I think, - helps to get rid of a lot of stuff, so we can start over. I like what donnnnn said as well.

    Sometimes I've heard the coyotes howling here in the early morning hours. It's an eerie, but beautiful sound.

  26. Oh, I love this..."besotted" and "I still get on with my howling." There are so days like that.