Tuesday, 4 September 2007

untangled impasse

making sense yet once more,
thoughts re-arrange.
gone is impasse,
replaced by resolve.

wisdom prevails,
cobweb sweep away leaving
behind precision
of contemplation.

jumbled reflections untangle,
fusing with the
great weight lifts.

buoyancy bounces off each step,
taken in new
direction. in course of life,
one can change avenues.

taking a detour,
following a new trail,
closing that door
firmly behind, he leaves

with a bounce in his steps…


For my nephew who had a little setback a while back. He is ok now. He has to be. He is MY nephew!!


  1. A very different story:

    always looking
    for an angle—painted himself
    into a corner

    Blessings to your nephew.

  2. taking back
    one's own life

    some nice 'conceptual imagery'
    in this work -- light/heavy


  3. Best wishes to your nephew.

    I see the door closing as a good sign.

  4. like aunty like nephew? Nice poem.

    //in course of life,
    one can change avenues. // ---> this is what makes us beautiful i guess.

  5. That poem brings a sense of the wonder and carefree joy only youth has the strength to hold on to!

    Thanks for stopping by today.


  6. wonderful the way you 'shade' the piece. subtle nuances. dark and light. nicely done.

  7. lovely.
    i'm happy for you and your nephew!

  8. You really have a knack for touching on the mental gyrations we humans perform when we are processing feelings/events. I could never explain things so eloquently! Enjoyed you before when Michele sent me, so I came back!

  9. I love the whole precision of contemplation. What a neat concept; I wish my contemplation was precise!

    I tend to look at new beginnings as adventures, too. Heck, every day's an adventure in my world!

  10. I'd really like to close some doors n LEAVE too...but it has to come naturally...when Im ready to do so.

    Lovely verse there Gautami!


  11. Gautami, that is so profound. Thank you for sharing...I'm sure your nephew loved it!

  12. This one made me smile -- not an easy thing on late Tuesday night.

  13. so much for the complications of a human mind. very well done!

  14. Thank goodness we all have these period of renewal in our lives. I'm so glad your nephew is doing better. Lovely poem!