Thursday, 26 October 2006

Deep within

despite your best efforts
not to reveal it,
deep within your heart
I can feel love and care.
my eyes fill with tears
for both of us
as I do not reciprocate
but am overwhelmed by
the depth of your feelings.
I am well aware
I do not deserve it,
but you can't help it.
the same way as I can't
force my feelings
however much I have tried
not to hurt you.

God knows, I did!


I think I finally got over my holiday hangover to pour out poetry! Let the words come! (looking heavenwards!)


  1. been there, done that (on both ends)...
    beautifully expressed!

  2. *applause*

    I truly love this one on unrequited love, Gautami. It always makes me sad when I can't return love in equal measure, but such is life...

  3. very nice indeed...of memories and hopes. Maybe we can change the past, just that we dont know which way to look into.

  4. So well said! Gautami, hope you are well.

  5. ah but my dear gautami,
    you DO deserve it!

    The grass may seem to be be greener on the other side..
    but in the end,
    its still just grass.

    This frustration, is it all worth it? Why do we do this to ourselves?

  6. Oh yeah, sometimes they just won't come!! Good one to break a drought with!!

  7. It is painful on both sides. One for loving and the other for not able to reciprocate. We all deserve the best nd we know instinctively what's right for us. Not that I didn't make any mistakes!

  8. Sorta reminds me of an Enigma lyric....."I love you, I'll kill you......"

  9. Hmmm, Gautami...

    This is a universal thing which I too have experienced, on both sides.

    Your depth and caring, even about something that just is and cannot be changed, shines through.

  10. Tears,
    are the pearls of the soul.
    (darma mohammad).

    I love the poem.

  11. The Michael: Right you are....another extreme.

    within without: As I mentioned it is kind of painful. One knows and can do nothing about. I say it from both sides.

    I have suffered both ways.I realise that it needs careful handling.