Friday, 24 February 2006

No One Killed Jessica Lall

In a roomful of people
She was playing bartender
Serving all with a smile
Midnight comes bar closes
Someone asks for a drink,
she refuses to oblige

In a fit of rage
he shoots her dead
Putting a bullet into her head
Hundreds of people
But none saw, none heard
She fell on the ground
Pool of blood wiped clean
Before the police comes in

Seven long years of trial
Who killed her no one knows
After the ordeal none too wise
What could have happened
Why justice was denied
Will we ever know?
Two laws of justice
One for the rich
Another for the poor

There was a bullet
Where was the gun?
Who really killed
The daring woman?
Maybe it was suicide
She killed herself


  1. Sad.. but true. May her soul rest in peace. This is the worst kind of face of society we live in.

  2. Its high time we did something to correct the flaws in the legal system.Join in the fight to get a retrial