Friday, 9 September 2005

Mooning with moon

Few more hours left
of cool soothing darkness,
moist grass between my toes.
I conversing with moon
promise not to tell
but possess
a pocketful of secrets
to last until morning
sending them up in
smoke signals
from my cigarettes.
All you do is shine
Bright for me!
While I share my
secrets with you


  1. I am a smoker:) and did the exact thing last night...and of course every other nights. I've wanted to quit of late, but hey, no one likes a quitter.

  2. Everyone loves a quitter who quit smoking! Do that....Fast.

    By the way I do not smoke.

  3. did i say that you smoke?well...i can give some silly excuse for smoking..but one fine day i will quit.


  4. No you did not, but I wanted to clarify!!

  5. I really enjoyed this one...but the scene seemingly painted is one on the grass, conversing with the moon...perhaps smoking, "sending them up in
    smoke signals
    from my cigarettes.". Now I'm left to wonder, what or who besides the moon motivated this scribe. interesting, I assumed it was a personal poetic journaling because of the "my cigarettes", and therefore perhaps you smoked, not that it matters one way or another, maybe the cigs are in metaphor...I can't be sure now after reading the comments, but Nice penning, none the less.